Friday, March 12, 2010

Kuantan Temple

19 February, 2010 Kuantan, Pahang.
Since my cam is following me around, of course I'll shot here and there~~ kaka
Didn't manage to snap many nice pic, just satisfy with the few~ @@

XD I think this is one of the best... among pic in this post ~

Here is heading to the back, the lake.

Here's inside~~ indoor I really noob on snapping. aiks.

This is at the lake, people throw bread to feed the fishssssss here..

Another thing hard to snap, oii fish, whole body come on the surface of water and let me snap awhile~~ at least... learn to jump like other fish do~~ :p

MOnStEr !! eee... what we call this fish aa? I forgot XD...or never know how to name, keke~
come come~~ everyone come guess~~
winner get this fish X 5 .
*terms and condition apply.

Wuuu~~ big creature~~~~
I really dono much about animal name, beside dog, cat, cow, pig those~~ waakkakak
maybe I should call it "water turtle"~ Waaateerrteeteerr~~

Another, come~~ please name it, just now that big creature~ this one better, know come up half body, only I got chance to snap it straight into cam~ XD
Why the fish don't want climb to the wall there and sit down enjoy bread *while letting me to snap some pic* ? XD

Tang Long~

my bro~ John Whatcha thinkin ?!?!
think too long till becoming a stone ?!

my cousin~ name : Long.. not Tang Long ok~~~ Wakakakakaka
if his name is Tang Long, he should be more round then this, keke~~

Contrast ~~ the mountain too dark >.<
my fault~~ aiks~~ gogogo~~ keep it up~~

*terms and condition :
present you get yourself, right click the pic, and "save as" the pic into your computer.
Only allow to save 5 times. XD


kenwooi said...

nice pictures.. thanks for sharing =)

atreyu strange said...

Once in a while, there will be an eagle flying above the lake. You can then see how it catches fish from the water.

But the fishes there very big worr. Eeeii.. can't imagine if I fall into the lake! O_o

J Generation said...

kenwooi :
halo halo~~ thanks visiting, :D

atreyu strange :
wow~~ if I manage to snap a nice pic based on the eagle catches the fish~~~~
but... do the eagle really manage to catch those fish ? it's bigger than our arm~ very big~~