Monday, March 29, 2010

Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa

First and foremost, really sorry for such a long time on not updating my blog.. personally quite busy recently, on study, this that those these.. next semester I'm gonna take my internship/practical training of my university, so might be more busy around.. >.<
So before go in~~ :D Everyone follow me and read ~~ Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa~~
Good.. XD now you may proceed.. kekekek....

Seriously like this area, it's a place for people to hang out and chit chat here, while having some nice drinks here~~ It's damn cool~~~ Maybe I should put this into part of my future house design planning. A relax place~~ :D

Wow~~~ Is this call some kind of Go Kart ?? XD Beach Cart ?? wakakakaka
anyway, didn't get the chance to try it, next time I'm gonna visit here again to play this thing ~~ wahahahah~~ I think it's manual ~ woooohoooo~~ racing near the beach~~ have you ever try? ? XD
Furthermore, there're banana ship there too~~ a lot of beach sport~~ :D seriously cool.

This is another thing that really catch my attention..
You simply can found these little kids around~
Let's get back my legs to the land and~~


Left....right.. arrgghhh you still spot at me?! T.T spare my life.......
Nice? I use normal 18-135mm lens to shot.. not even macro lens that means to shot sharp small thing.

If you can see, here is a hole me and my brothers dig, just dig a few and we found more than 10-20ss of these little thing~~ cool !! And they are hyper active and run around.

And here's one of my favourite pic of these all~ :D

Another angle~~ :D

Can you see anything ?!?!

Here~~ close up~~ I think this really can call crab, if those previous don't XD
Anyway, this one should be well train with ninja invisible hidden skill~~~
but =.= I can see you~~ means? quite low level you are =.=
Or my level is too high~~ XD

Anyway, thanks reading and I'll try to update more frequent~ :D
please visit my blog again :)

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