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Wrote on 19 July 2010.

Friday, June 25, 2010

eJooYs T Shirt Design Competition

This is a competition create by my friends and me~ Come support ^^
So quite some of my friends also participate in designing their own t shirt and participate here ~~ ^^
Comment and rate the designs will also allow you to win a T shirt ! Nice ?

And if you're interest to participate and design too, you're free to do so , greatly welcom-ing ^^
Cash and prize to be won ~~ To encourage all the passionate designers out there ^^
This is a monthly t shirt design competition, so if this time it's too late to partcipate, why not hang around in eJooYs first to understand this great environment ~ ?

So come support at Malaysia T Shirt Online Community ~~ ^^
Like and follow our facebook page :

Few of my friend's design~~ ^^

Click Here to comment and rate this design, and also view more~~

Click Here to comment and rate this design, and also view more~~

Do you want to buy it ? XD

Why didn't see my design ?? XD shh... I noob design... muahahhahahah

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful Temple

Eeee... actually I forgot where it is, but it's somewhere around Pahang, near 1 hour from Kuantan~ :p
Since this temple is really very nicely decorate~~ so of course I'm snapping some pictures~~ XD

beautiful dragon~

Here's another, Gold one !

Silver Dragon~~

This is real big, around 30-40 centimeter long and tall~ @@
how much it worth ? XD

缘 = Fate , Destiny~~

饮水思源 ee.... somehow meaning like this : *straight translate = When you drink water, remember it's source.
means : be grateful for everything~

*What ?? Photo?? I can't pose~~ This is my best pose though~

Snake~~ My chinese zodiac~ :D

Big turtle~~

This is another that is very very nice~~~ amaze~~ @@