Monday, March 1, 2010

Cute Little Cousin

Here is at Kuantan, Pahang. My mom's hometown.
Went there on 17 Feb 2010 for Chinese New Year, visiting relatives there.
Anyway, go many places with my family and relatives, on this few precious days~ :)

Left is my big bro, Yusann , and the right one is my new cousin~ :D
Second time meet him, and he's now so energetic and walking around~~ WAKAKAKA
Name : Ivan .
*Ivan : "Gor Gor( bro ) , bao bao (hug hug) ~~~"

Can anyone guess how old is he ?? really cute, haha~~
Ivan : " What ? Phoooto ?? Pose ?? Just look at camera is it? Like this ? "

Ivan : " I know what is Pose ok ~~~~ Come~ take photo~ I'm ready~ "

Another cousin of mine, again... hehe guess how old is he~~ XD
Name : Long Long, in chinese is spelling of Dragon ( Long )
any part that similar to dragon ?! Can't see any @@

Ivan : " What Gor Gor holding~~ I want play~~ Iyaa~~ I can reach it~~"

This pic... XD while trying to snatch my DSLR camera, he didn't forget to open mouth when the sweets is coming to mouth~~ WAKAKAAKKA
Ivan : "Eat more, increase energy, boost, and grab Gor Gor's camera~~ Yaaa~~~~ "

Ivan : "aaaaa~~~~ Gor Gor so high~~ bully~~~ T.T GET DOWN HERE~~~! "
*Down where?? XD "In front of him ? " Wakakakak horizontal to him~ not vertical~ wakakakak

Ivan : "I call police~~ Gor gor bully me, see where you can escape~ hehe"

Ivan : " Arrrgghh ~~ you catch me ! Sad~~ I can't get to the police~ "
Long : " What ?? I catch him ?! "

Ok ~~ Now I reveal the ages of these 2 ~~~
Left , Ivan = 1 and half years old ONLY !!!! ; Right, Long = 9 years old.... ALREADY?!
*Oh ya, both different parents, but still my cousins~~~
Why look the same aaa?? WAKAKAKAKAK
I need to pull Long's height already~~
Force him go basketball increase height~ keke~~

Bite bite bite~~~~ why no water comes out~~ ?? Drink drink~~~

left : my mom
Ivan : " If you don't obey me, I shall punish you by pulling your ears, come I show you, like this~~~ *pull* *pull* ~~ "

Guess what , he's born in the year of Rat ( in chinese 12 animal zodiac ) , and his personality really shows that @@@@ bite this and that... keep asking sweets from me and big bro~~

Ivan : "Ngggraaarrr~~~~ "
Non stop biting things around~~ He's so energetic, never stop moving here and there~~ touching this, hitting that~~
but for a little kid, that's a good sign~ :D
means he reach out the most, and learn the most out of the environment around him~~ :D

Ivan :" Gor gor~~ see, I got new shirts~~ nice or not ??? "

Just be with him within hours and he's back to his hometown with his parents, so didn't be with him much time~~ Looking forward for coming meet up with this little cousin~~ hehe :D
He sure grow up very fast~ :D

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT !! These are the 2 of them last year chinese new year , around february 2009.
means Ivan was around 6 months old at that time, and now just 1 year later, he can run here and there, he can't speak yet, but sometimes call " papa... mama... " those few words~~ XD
Fortunate I got save this pic, hehe, as comparison .
*this last pic snap with my Sony Ericsson K800i

OK~~ that's it for this post~~ :D hope you guys like it, keke~~~

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