Saturday, February 20, 2010

Primary + Secondary School Friends Gathering

Feb 14 & 16 2010
First.... Arrgghh~~ really sorry, ruin group photos, due to noob on shoting night photo and people's photo.. @@@@ tryin to fix it, only get this.. aiks.. not satisfy with the first few group photo.. @@ sorry..
Anyway~~ We'll shot again sometimes in da future~~ promise~~nicer~~better~~ :D
Here's photos with my primary + secondary school's friends, don't have much classmate since my primary @@@ so gathering also won't exceed much people in ours~~ wakakkaka~~

Group photo~~
From Top Left : An Wei, Min Lee, Min Lee de....... Kid, Shi Min, Choi Mei, Mei Yun
Bottom Left : Kuan Ming, Me(blog owner, XD ) , Kim Kian
*some of the name... did I spell correct?? @@ Chinese de I know la, XD

Group photo 2

Group Photo 3

Ji Mui's pic~~~ this pic better than previous @@

Blue Shirt : Yaw Wen
Second part of gather after Min Lee.........Son need to get to bed and we change place.
Kuan Ming become red, after first cup of .... "tea" ~~~ XD

The liquid in my cup is not beer ~~~ is not beer~~~~ is tea~~ ok~~XD

Right : Choi Yee

Middle : Choi Yeng
both Choi Mei's sisterss~

Another day, another gathering again~~ ee.. forgot who's idea that wants to hold all those stuff and photo-ing @@ I think is Choi Mei.. @@
below white shirt : Kah Jiuan

By the way, that kid is not my classmate ok ~~~ XD
but he's joining our gathering .. for twice ! XD

Don't know why, like this pic~~ :D
Actually he's Min Lee's sister's son~~ keke~~

Enjoys the days with you guys~~ :D looking forward for coming gathering~~keke
everyone must come back~ don't say busy, study, working, or house's cat marriage, can't attend~~ wakakakakaka~~
k, more pictures in my facebook.

2 comments: said...

u r the lucky one who can meet ur ex classmate! appreciate the fade!

J Generation said...

yaya~~ will always appreciate friendship~~ :D