Thursday, November 19, 2009

Putrajaya Walk III

Sorry, very long time didn't update a "proper" blog post~~ wakakaka busy with a lot of stuff..
So now I'm back.... :D

Shot some photos at Putrajaya... in front of 1 of the bridge.. stop down, and take some photos.. it's raining though.

Nice ? kinda like this feeling . :D

not really a good water drop photo.. will have better one in future. :D

Flower @@

At the side of the road.. :D



zZzJJaCk said...

lol ur photos all wai wai 1

J Generation said...

wai... not ?

your got "head art" I got wai art~~ wakakakakka

zZzJJaCk said...

lol oklo... =.=
road de can accept, but water make it straight more comfortable ma