Saturday, November 21, 2009

Car Speeding Photography

It's raining.. the same day as previous post, at putrajaya~ :D

Shooting cars that passing by, and learning up some skills on the go~~

Raining, different things can shot out of a same thing.


Start to sharpen the car and blurring the background..

Here we go~~~ nicer and nicer it get~~~

More clear~~~ :D with the blur background~~

By now, this is the nicest.... Will have better in future~~ :D


DC said...

Nice shots!

zZzJJaCk said...

last 3 pic seems like under expose?
and macam cant feel the speed. Btw like the 1st and 3rd~

J Generation said...

Thanks DC~~ :D

zZzJJaCk : ya kaa?? dono~~ I feel ok~~ I didn't use photoshop to edit looo, original pic.