Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Dream Car , Soon- My Car ~Nissan 350Z

At Midnight, pass by near Serdang, saw this colour's Nissan 350z Fairlady~~ WA*AO !!!!!!
DAMN NICE!!!! First time saw this colour, very very yeng~~ Too Cool~~

Very soon, I'll Drive my Nissan 350z~~ hehe~~~ Very soon~~

Stop my car, and snap some pic~~ look at it, very very yeng~~

Gotta get this car~~ hohoh~~
I want go test the car~~ XD
Snap with my HTC HD, so don't except Nikon's quality~ kaka~
*sorry, recently busy and holiday, didn't update blog :p
will update back, from now on~ :D


Eu Jin said...

That's a pretty nicely done 350Z.

J Generation said...

haha~~ YAYA~~ really nice~