Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Genting Lamborghini + GTR gather~~

WOWOWOW~~~~~~ Saw many extreme car at Genting, Kuala Lumpur~~~ Yoohoo~~~
Mucielago~~~~ Gallardosss~~ GTRsss~~~ WOW!!!!! Extreme happy, wakakaka

LAMBORGHINI MUCIELAGO ~~~ most expensive among these

LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO ~~ like this most~ yellow really very suit lamborghini~ hehe


NISSAN GTR 1 the first GTR that arrive wow~~~ brand new GTR , most expensive in Nissan series..

NISSAN GTR 2 a black one~ cool~~

NISSAN GTR 3~~~ this one very nice~~ milk white
I go buy some of these and play ~~~ WAKAKAKAK~

Lamborghini Logo~~

back view of Mucielago~~

see~~ very impressive~~ :D very big.

Snap a lot a lot of these extreme carss~~ WOW~~~




the white Gallardo~~

back view of Gallardo


GTR back lamp~~~ very very nice~

the GTR , white, lamp woohoo~~

back view~

Lining up~~

haha~ take a few with the cars~ Mucielago~


GTR Black~~

Ooo ? XD this little cute kid walk to the front of the car when I'm snapping pic, so I "attract" him to pose, XD
her mom wanna snap him with the car, so asks him to stand there ~

Waa~~ what a great trip to Genting, hehe~

Personally very like this post~ cause many nice car~~ next time I want go snap many many Nissan 350z car~my dream car~~gonna achieve it....very soon...~~~ WOW~~ getting excited~~~ wakakaka


Anonymous said...

WOW! All the cars worth more than $10M in total.

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J Generation said...

hi IMCurtain~
haha~~ ok~ :D

Huan said...

Aiya... let you spotted my cars there... haha...

J Generation said...

your car oo~

Duaba said...

i dont usually pay attention to cars but those are amazing. another thing to add to my wish list.

J Generation said...

Wow~~ Duaba~~ Adding to your wishlist !!!
Let's get it~~ keke