Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Batu Caves

19 Sep 2009
Accompany mom and bro went to Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. Since my Nikon D80 is with me, so I snap some pic around, haha~

With my bro, so got a photographer to help me take some pic.

Yo~ let's climb~

One good thing about this stair is.... I no need to count, XD

As I keep climbing,

the number will tells... XD

go on~~~ keep on movin~


Haha~~~ reach to the top~~ total only 272..

Actually, inside is quite nice,

From the top, looking down the streets~

Yo, wassup~

This "guy" snatch the coconut from an indian lady, which I think she brings here for praying purpose..

Ok~ finish visiting inside, Let's ROLL back to the ground~~ XD

Outside got a lake~

See!!! see what ? mountain loo~~~ XD

My bro, mom and me.
End.. :)


porpaborpapa said...

your photos are cool!

Kristin said...

Nice photos. Might be dropping by batu cave when i visit KL next month =)

J Generation said...

porpaborpapa :

thanks a lot, do visit again :D

Kristin :
haha~~ thanks for dropping by~~
just a common place around KL XD

zZzJJaCk said...

Nice~ those photos...
..without u~ XD

J Generation said...

zzzjjack comes negative again..
become didi liao =.=

zZzJJaCk said...

wat negative..
i am praise u,
photo without u = u take 1
nice = por
u take 1 por = u por

J Generation said...

waa~~~ POR~~~
like that also can twist~~~
POR~~ really POR~~~

Duaba said...

awesome photos. makes me miss asia!!!

J Generation said...

sure have another chance to be here at Asia~ :D

Michael de`Oz said...

It would be interesting to visit those places

X-team studio printing service said...
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J Generation said...

haha~~ great that my pic attract you~
Halo Michael~ :D

Josh C. said...

Your pictures were so good its almost as if I don't need to go there myself. (almost)

J Generation said...

Josh C. : wakakakakaka~~~ is it sooo~~ powerful ? XD