Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maxis & Digi

Activate my digi number on 13 august 2009

So now for my second phone, I'm using Digi. so all the digi user can contact me via my digi line.

and my main postpaid number of Maxis, of course still in use.. Just fit the market, xD
quite some friends using digi, so fit them loo, xD

Not gonna expose my number here, xD just simply tell that, both my number is 7303 at the back.. for those who know, then know la, for those that don't know, then don't know la, xD

The digi line is using my previous number and swift.

My Digi number got 10 digit.
My Maxis number got 10 digit also !!! xD

Digi number add together = 21
Maxis = 33


If want my number, can request personally, :p
I'll interview first, and qualify you.

Requirement : still breathing

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