Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Digital Media Classroom Painting

-16 August 2008 Saturday-

Yoyoyo~~~~ This is me~~~ volunteer help lecturer out to paint my Digital Media Classroom (Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University),
10 years already, our classroom never change new painting, :p
So Our new Head of Department Mr Kok Yoong decide to CHANGE.
yeah, that's good. :D

So this is what I do..... WAKAAKAKAK no la, I'm very hardworking helping out one... just whole day long, break few times.. tired @@@

This is our classroom before painting. white wall.

Get ready~~~ From left : Kok Yoong, Alia, Forrest, Pono and Steve

So we get into position and gogogo~~~

We paint 2 room, each take us around 3-4 hours .... @@@@@@

Steve at behind, Mr Erwin, and Mr Kok Yoong. :D

and this is what Steve do @@@

Alia~~~ painting painting, not forget about posing posing~

Mizi and Alia.. Working hard huh~~~ XD


Im. Peace~~~

Thanks to our Mr Kok Yoong, we got our brunch*word by Steve*

Food : Domino's Pizza
Drinks : Sprite, Coke, Twister, Ice Coffee
"Eater" : Starving DM-ers...

Steve mixing the paint, and we all lining up to get our "drinks".

And this is our new DM classroom.. XD

This is another room, we paint 2 classrooms.

Not yet end... xD cause we got another part, gonna plan out something creative, special.. on the wall.. will see.. in the coming future.

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