Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair

Been to Kuala Lumpur Photography Fair on 14 August 2009. It's sunday.
As a so call phooootographer, sure attend loo~~ xD

short form - KLPF, before we really go deeper.... eat first... xD

Carl's Jr .. ~~JJ(me, jj350z blog owner), Wee, Ah Lai, Shen Thuu, Stefan.

Ah Her and me~

Wee and Daniel~~~~ eherrm...

Lai , Shen Thuu

Kai Jun..


Waaa~~~ Carl's Jr really nice~~~ seriously nice~~ best burger~~~ hohohohoh

And let's get in... When back there after the meal, whole crowd already there shoting the models on the stage....
DSLR-ianss snapping pic non-stop...
See... really a lot of photographer gather here...
To get something back.. new kit~ new cam~~ nice pic~~~ WOW~



A view from top... see how high I can "climb" hohohoho

another angle..

My FM DJ, giving sharing about photography~~

ok.. that's it ... Didn't get much nice pic..... need improve >.< aiks~~~


shenTWO said...

i shen thuu la~
got another h

J Generation said...

pai seh loo~~~
I put shen 兔 mao ? xD
nicer ~ hoho

Geistsoul13 said...

Saw your post on Blogcatalog and I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Many of my friends are into photography and I was at one point too. I followed this blog and hope to see some cool pictures in the future.

J Generation said...

Sure you guys have a lot of nice pic too~~ :D

Vinay Rai said...

Thank you for sharing such nice pics on your blog.

Vinay Rai said...

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J Generation said...

haha~ thanks for comment~ :D

Cheryl Solis said...

Love your photos!!
Have fun and take lots of pictures while you're young and happy and free! Such pretty girls! Such fun with the burgers! It's all so lively and fun-looking and joy to see!

Please come visit me at my blog @
Comments welcome!

J Generation said...

haha thanks for your comment Cheryl Solis~~

I'll view your blog~ :D