Monday, July 13, 2009

V Convention Malaysia 2009 - Part 2

So this is the second part of V Convention held at Stadium Melawati, 2009 -- 29 May - 2 June
A lot of great moment, meet up a lot of my partners from all around the world..*that barely meet, online ? got la.... xD

beautiful oo~~ xD If not mistaken, she is the director of Aspire Magazine. wow~~

Really crystal from Top of Himalayan there~~~ wuuu~~ millions years of natural element..

Out there~~


First day night sing Negaraku......okaay.. xD...

Then got traidisional dance from all the race in Malaysia, each own's culture.
Ministry of Art and Cultural preparing this for us, thanks~ He's coming too~~ hohoo

The 11 top Inspiring motivating leaders.. Extreme Impress to have all of them on this V Stage. wow~~

"Green Club" xD

Ok, next part will update soon, part 3 coming~~~

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