Sunday, July 12, 2009

V Convention Malaysia 2009 - Part 1

Hohohohoh, The biggest V Convention held in Malaysia this year~ 6000-8000 people coming from more than 70 countries participate and coming to this V Convention of the year~

A lot a lot looo, my biz partners from Malaysia*of course xD*, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, Botswana, America, Thailand, Indonesia, Uganda, Arab, Iraq, Papa New Guinea, Nigeria, .............. bla bla bla.... too many @@@@ Can't list all...... also gather under this grand event at Stadium Melawati.
Too many pic, lazy brief much, since "the pic tells a thousand words" xD

Stadium Melawati, near Sepang.

Here I am.

First day, thousands and thousands of people, each wearing their own country's cultural cloth.. xD


Next part will upload soon. Unbelievable~~~~~~~~~~

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