Tuesday, July 14, 2009

POEM :: Beneath the Rainbow

--Beneath the Rainbow--

In the sky of blue,
I'm spreading my pair of wing,
Wanting to fly around the beautiful rainbow;

In the ground of green,
I'm roaring like the king of jungle,
Feel the wind of Freedom;

In the theater of nobody,
I'm watching the movie,
With the name of Care;

In the heart of beating,
I'm struggling hard to breath in,
into my heart of heart;

In the smile of face,
I'm searching for the apple sweet,
underneath the eye of look;

In the world of galaxy,
I'm trying hard to understand the gate between Mars and Venus,
Finding the key to unlock the gate of two;

In the land of secret,
I'm planting the tree of soul,
Raising the spirit of the legendary hero from heaven;

In the sphere of silence,
I'm holding tight the feeling of deep,
searching for the song of harmony;

In the paper of drawing,
I'm sitting under the shadow of tree,
Wishing to draw another shadow beside my shadow.


SaNn said...

seems like improving....@@,

J Generation said...

oo ?? writing poem de skill a? xD This one I wrote in 5 minutes.. hihi