Saturday, August 1, 2009

V Convention Malaysia 2009 - Part 3

So this is part3 of my V convention held at Stadium Melawati, 7-8000 people gathering from 60^ countries all around the world.

Wow~ handsome~ xD

Many little hulk~~ all green...


Or they just love the environment so much~~ xD

Green peace....

Green club......

again... xD

Team too big.. xD can't shot all.....

Shot half also tired.... xD

arrrgghh~~ Green again~~~~ xD

xD Me in the stadium. the light is beautiful..

oo ~~ change colour

Gathering of all great people on stage.

Malaysia's Singers.. hrm... name is..... help me, I forgot, xD

A fireworks last for 10-15 minutes... Everyone's phone and cam is on =.= see the light(not up, but down there)....

bak bak~~

Next year, We'll be at Bukit Jalil, Target 12,000 people from the world gather here.. Hehe... B-)

Peter, Michelle, Enson, Yui Huan, Ting, and JJ( owner) waakkakakakak

Hehe, My X team~ final group photo~~ cheeeerrrsss~~~~~
Let's call it a great ending.. :D


-V Convention, Stadium Melawati-

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