Saturday, April 4, 2009

Qi-Meritus GP2 Team - 31 March 2009

Wowow~~ late a bit, the show is starting~~ people is shoting and capturing already.. Faster grab a stand there.

Pit stop demo starting.. Just move a bit, but the sound is really loud.

Haha, this pic at The Star also got(on Friday 3 April 2009, StarSpecial), but mine sure more professional a bit. xD

The sound is verrryy cool~~ fuuuu~~~~~~

Pit Stop demo, but why change 1 tire only @@@ save energy pulak . xD

Hohoho, joining the media team and together shot, Cause I got Nikon D80, got a little standard la, can stand beside them and shot. That day got TV3,The Sun newspaper, The Star and a few others coming. :D

Hohooh, me and my new car. Feels like promoting the car, cause always show the "good" sign when shoting these pic. @@
*maybe next time put a "bad" sign ? xD

Hrm... Honestly... Don't know name @@@@@@@

Children from Various Homes. Doing Charity, Helping the weaks. Together heat the event of the day up.

A team run into the drivers and get a big pic snapping together. haha. As a professional photographer, of course go kacau a bit loo. Then snap together with other professional, xD

Alvaro Parente Qi-Meritus Racing's GP2 Team driver. Haha, grabbing chance to snap pic with them. yeah~~

Marco Bonanani, another Qi-Meritus Racing's GP2 Team driver. If they really win and get into F1. then this pic will worth a lot ?!?! xD Day-dreaming again. hihih..
Why not ? xD

Me, Yui Huan (right), Ting (left down), Enson (right down), coming to this pitstop event at amcorp mall, of course must snap a "whole family" pic lo~ wakakakakk

Yeah~~~ My race car~~ xD Day-Dreaming~~~ hihi


SaNn said...

Should have test drive the Formula 1

J Generation said...

didn't loo
I'm shy~~ hihihi