Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fire at neighbourhood ( 22 March 2009 )

So this is fire happening the day I went back to my hometown, at midnight, 4am like that. At first, it's like fire work's sound, cause of the burning "syiling", the roof.

Nothing to do and help, so as a professional photographer.. xD , took out my camera and shot some pic.

At night harder to snap clear pic, if use flash, then not nice. didn't bring tripod, haiz, not pro loo.. xD

At me here looking at the fire, it's not really grand. :p
Just the fire smoke gone quite high into sky.

Haiz, bomba... @@ wait longer than 30 minutes only come, but the distance is only less than 12 minutes... =.= if it speed up, then less than 8 minutes loo, @@
And the water not really big, xD

The "Savier", xD

No fire liao..quite fast the fire die.

So this is the hero of the night~~ yeah~~~

Before end, "cooling " is being done on the house. So the Fire bad guy won't rise again and kill innocent house, xD

The next day... wow~~~ sky is beautiful~~~ wakakkaak~~

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