Sunday, March 8, 2009

李雁杰 <<创业家>>创办人 Edmund Lee, Founder of Corporate Journal Magazine

Business Club. My Forum
Held and organize by 李雁杰 Edmund Lee, Founder of Corporate Journal Magazine, 创业家.

Participating in a business training, and got chance to go to a talk by 黄国辉博士讲师, on this 18 march. Anyone want come along ? :D

can contact me, it's open to everyone.
Inside the talk , He'll brief and tell us more about public relationship, and also effective communication.

For more information, do visit =
This business club by Edmund Lee too, got more than rm1XX,XXX for us to grab, come on~~
Let's go~~ :D

Highle Excited, got a chance to have a pic with one of the successful person, Edmund Lee. One of the youngest magazine founder - Corporate Journal.

It gonna be a grand event, more than 2000-3000 people. :D

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