Monday, March 2, 2009

Port Dickson 20-22 Feb

So Here I am at Port Dickson. At Tiara Beach Hotel~

It's a camp, that we invited a lot of great people coming to giving talks and sharing.

Got World Class Trainer & speaker -  Mr Sathi & Ms Donna.

Then got Vincent Tan, Chartered Financial Consultant,

谢秀贞 & 番盈珠 from 美门残障中心。 Founder of 美门。

and a lot a lot of sharing and activities, in which, I really learn up a lot of knowledge, experience, skills and everything. 

Steady man~~~ :D

Of course need to have my own posing pic ma~~~ xD

At Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson, 20-22 feb.

didn't snap much pic, cause going there to learn, and improve myself.

Pumping up to be another level of JJ.

This is from my room. actually didn't sleep much. @.@

This is the "hostel" for Tiara Beach Resort.

All shot by my phone, Thanks my lovely HTC Touch HD.    xD

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