Saturday, April 18, 2009

Coming Soon - The Movie

Haha, finally watch the movie "Coming Soon "
12.10 am at Alamanda.
A production from the director of "Shutter" if not mistaken. not bad loo, but not as scary as the trailer. @.@
recommend, can have a watch, but not in front of your com or where, but in the cinema, since this is a story inside the cinema, hihi...
If you wanna get the real felling, xD

Arrrggghhh !!! watch your back!!!! nothing there.... xD

Will soon coming to you... "You want to see how I die is it??? " the ghost said... arrrgghh~~~~
then next movie shown, will have you inside.... hihi...


PandaMerah said...

CT ader jer...
download sudah

J Generation said...

hantu dalam cinema, sure pergi cinema.. @@
Devon ada kat sana juga~

I saw panda walking around in the cinema... arrgghh~~~ panda merah~~

Huan said...

Haha... watch in cinema is much nicer... Isn't that Coming Soon is Comedy + horror? XDXDXD

♥SJ-Jesz's feeling space♥ said...

LOL..I watched d
Nice leh but I'm scared of the part where the main character carried the ghost on his back down the carpark while he doesnt know about it.Taking the ghost back his home..Arhh!!!

from Jesz,the name is just Jesz(ps:stop calling me Jessica!!!!)

J Generation said...

yala~~ comedy + horror ma~~

to Jesz....icaa

that scene not very funny de mer ??
wakakakakakak ~~~