Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Christmas,

24th Dec 2007, get along with Steve, (me), Ting, Khai Wen and Han to shabu shabu.. but too many human arounds when get there, so change to 1 Utama to dinner-ing at "Bar B.Q. Plaza"

This is not toilet~~ This is not toilet's mirror.. IT IS... not~~ xD

!st and Second members of the night~~~Steve and me~~ hihi

member 3~~~ Khai Wen~

Member 4 ~~ the- V !!`` opss, is Ting, xD

Member 5 :: Jing Han

jalan jalan, cari makan, and we here, makan semua~~~

ok nice, all seems enjoying themselves.

order around 3 plate of these size, 5 "participant" finish it, with 2 bowl of fried rice everyone.

Chaaaa~~~~ chiii`~~~~~ biak~~ @@ ? what sound ?? xD too full ??

Come come come~~~It's ready~~~~~ eat here eat there~~~ makan makan~~~tak cukup, tambah~~~

After finish, all call this call that.. =.= Whatever~~ we're full now~~ hohoho~~

So here is the Curve. Everyone going there to enjoy some celebration. but.. =.= It's boring...

The Crowd~~ so this is it looks like, but not too much here also..

People start to buy spray mount to ... ei, is different spray to spray people .. not spray mount XD~~ spray aa spray
~~~~ then others will buy it, then wants to fight back..

Red hat aa red hat~~ many cow cow waiting for you out there~ ready to hunt red colour, be careful~~~

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