Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The day before Christmas~

Once upon a time, there're a gang of human, that NOT FROM RCS, listen, seriously not from RCS MMU.
They plan out to have something fun night before christmas, 24th DEC 2008.
So this bunch of gangs is gathering human now..
Start from the first pioneer team ::
JJ ( me , xD ) , Albert, Zi Jun, Lawrence, Ryan, Soon En and Sue Ern.

blur .... the god~~~~ xD

Zi jun~~~

two acting cool~~~ Soon En and Lawrence~~

Peace~~~~ "nice backgound" contrast-ing~~

Hooray~~~ Let's move to cyberia, start hunting human to join our team~~ yeah~~~

Jalan-jalan~~ cari makan~~~ walk in line please~~~ discipline very important~~~

First house attack~~ Ming Heong and Shu Hwa.. tembak~~ biang~~~ .... ?? xD kidding. :p
we get ready to give surprise, sing a merry christmas song~~

ok, both ready to move....
*to participate, must be in red or white "uniform", xD if not.. tembak~~

but still, some one breaks the laws...
next house, attack till soo yee there... "Waaa~~ !! what you all doing ?!?! haha~~ ?!?! "

*There's a sentence = " The laws is for people to break" .... @.@

Camera camera~~~ yeah~~~~~ can see me ?? xD yaa~ they all see me, but you can't.. :p
I put all of them inside this flat things, that people call it picture.. hihi..

Ahaa!!!! Chun Nang's 21th birthday!!!!! We attack with the pieces of cakes we found outside..
Theirs one.. Happy birthday to Chun Nang~~
People inside throw Chun Nang out here, lock him out here, and we throw cakes to him, xD

This is the cakes~~~ =.= is it ?

I wonder why Suthesh become target of aruba~~ wakakakaka
So now Suthest still have ??? have what ? don't know. xD

yeah~~~ our team photo first~~ with Birthday guy, Chun Nang..

This is Chun Nang's idea... hihi... not this, I mean, below this one..
He ask to take with guys one, then girls one.. so this one for him not really something.. xD

but what he wants is this.. wakakakakak gatal gatal~~~~
chor keng chor keng... no no.. is joking joking~~~ xD Don't angry ya~~ :p

I found an animal looks really like chun nang.. what is it ?? lion ? cat ? tiger ? chicken ? dog ? cow? buffalo ? Whale ? pig ? wakkkakaak~~~~ you ask itself, it can speak in chinese. wuuaaooww~~~

back to normal.. gatal again, xD chun nang ..chun nang......

I can 100% sure, this is not Lawrence.. This is not lawrence. really not lawrence..
Don't know snap this for what.. @.@ xD

Next Attack~Kah Hui~~ ei, she studying la~~ kacau pulak.. don't care~~ Bi ~~ Bi~~ Bi~~ Bi~~ first~~

refresh back the Bi~~ Bi~~ dance first~~ get set go~~~~ Bi~~ Bi~~ Bi~~~~~~

Now is Suthest gatal pulak... guys guys... haiz...all gatal... xD

Sue Ern pulak always syiok with the camera~~ peace~~here~~ peace~~there~~~ peace~ this~~ peace that~~~~

Sue Ern friends...keep attacking to people's house~~ then snap pic to save data of victims we successfully hunt. yeah~~~~

What is this emotion ??? wuuuuuu~~~ @.@

Ming Heong, Shu Hwa and Soo Yee~~~ Keep posing..keep snapping.. but many "flies" around...

wait...one of the biggest flies is here~~~

Arrrgghh~~ see ghost~~~~

So We're here at Tiong's house~~ Merry Christmas~~~ come sing song~~ xD

We sing christmas song every single house~~ hehe~~

Visiting to Zeth and Adrian there~~ christmas present to everyone is...sweets
wakaaka~~ better than don't have~~hohoh~~

Zeth more smart, don't want let us capture team photo, afraid me later put in database of "hunt list" , but still, in the record already~~~ hohohoh~

Now come to Molly here~~ ei ?? Chun Nang also here...hihih.....chun nang gatal till here~~ gou li...

As usual, everyone get sweets from our Santa, Mr Albert~~hohohoho~~~~all the kids here is happy receiving sweets.... hihi...

Ok, now 5 shot together to these happy kids.. kids love to get capture into myNikon D80..
haha~~~ ok la ok la~~ snap for you guys. wakakakaka~~




5th~~~~~ end.. enough~ go get some food into stomach, and LET'S PLAY POOL~~~ I love pool~~~ :D so won't miss this part everytime coming to oldtown, cyber.

You know Zhi Qin and Ryan they trying to get the red ball into the hole how long ???

They just hit and hit and hit.... don't know when are they going to hit it in.. @.@

Here are some creatures Jason successfully catch~~ hihihi~~ are you one of them ???

Haha~~ okay~~~ That's it for the story of the the gangs~~~~ :D
to be continue...
when ???

For more pic, please go to Zhi Qin's blog :D

Thanks for Viewing~~ :D
Thanks my Nikon D80, even I'm really noob for night photo-ing.. :p
learning learning.... :)


Zhiqin said...

Haha. Nice!!! More photos!

SaNn said...

Merry Christmas.....

Leo Raj said...

first alberts blog, now here oso r?



Lawrence Lee said...

not bad !!!
I just found out your blog ...

It was
a very great experience ,
thing that I wont forget 4 sure ,
craziest thing ever ,
that happen to me

J Generation said...

haha~ of course loo~ cause got me together~~ :p

enjoy-ing the night with all of you~ :D