Thursday, December 4, 2008

POEM :: Without You

I can't find the key,
Nor the door, to where your heart is set.

I don't know whether you love me or not,
but I do loving you.

Day by day,

Suffering in pain,
The pain of missing you;

Walking in rain,
Without you by my side;

Working till the night,
Without a cup of coffee from you;

Talking alone like a fool,
cause you're not here,listening to my words;

Missing you everyday,
but you never come to fill in my loneliness;

Listening to the music,
but I never stop thinking of you;

Without you, my life can only be black and white.

I love you,
do you love me?

*writen, 22 October 2005


shenTWO said...

need to write untill so touchin meh? XD~

J Generation said...

I wrote this when I was in form 4 or 5 de, xD
past tense.
See, I'm very romantic one, wakakakka