Friday, December 5, 2008

Photography Assignment - Rule of Thirds

1 :: Leading Line

2 :: Shape & Pattern

3 :: Foreground Frame

4 :: Silhouette

5 :: Shadow

6 :: Reflection

Haha, I love my Silhouette the most, :D
Thanks my model, ZHE MING, to be my model, :D
Personally quite like these photos. :)
Date :: 9 Oct 2008

~~First sem of Beta year, FCM, Digital Media~~


shenTWO said...

all took in cyber de~ same wiz me XD~ =P

J Generation said...

hehe, we want lowest cost, higest quality de mar~~ hihih....

Nath said...

low cost higher quality ? hmmm , composition so odd gehacidondis

Schizz said...

che said wat?

J Generation said...

che mat comment about the position of that model macam nak berak.. T.T xD