Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gen X Celebration Night

29 Jan 2010
Okaaay~~ Here comes Gen X Celebration Nite~ :D
Under my company's event~ hoho~

Title loo

This is at Noble House, near Times Square there.

Recognition for me~~ I'm now officially = Associate Partner , of Gen X :D
Wuuhuu~~~ Thanks Director Anderson giving out this recognition and pin to me, :D

See da pin ?? nice maa~~~ :D

Here's my second brother~ John Wong getting his recognition too~ :D
He is now = Senior Associate of Gen X .

Alvin and Enson happy with their recognition of partner :D

Me and my Bro~

Soul of Gen X~ Managing Director, Simon Cheung~ :D
he just get his new car, BMW323i , Gold colour~~ damn cool`~ :D
Simon support me a lot, appreciate~ :)
me, Simon, John, Vif

Vif, Enson, Ting John, me.

Vif and me. steady~~

me and Mi Xiao..... XD no , is Michelle.. wakaka

Board of Director in Gen X~~

yuuuummmm~~~~ as chinese new year is coming soon... of course yuuummmm~~~

again~~~~ yuuuummmm~~~~~

One more ~~~~ Yuummmmmmmmm

Me and my partners in Gen X.. Still got many, just no time to snap with them.. @@
Cause I'm one of the helper , or In-Service for da night, post as Photographer @@
The best thing about photographer is...... ... people hardly found you in the pic.. so they'll always fail to say ICU !! XD
Steady ~~ :D


Kaito said...

wow...what a big this an annual dinner of your company?

J Generation said...

Hi Kaito~~
yaya, my company's annual dinner and recognize those with hardwork~ haha~~ :D
thanks visiting~ :D