Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cyberpark Putrajaya

Snap some picture at Cyberpark, around Putrajaya, Cyberjaya.

some of these pic I think can put into postcard, XD write few words beside with nice font. XD

What we name this ? Is it a hidden ship ? XD for some kind of animal to travel to their "ocean" Cool~~now it's parking there, better don't disturb, later attack by...... how I know?! XD

Trying to shot these nicely. nice or not ?

this one more "pure" .

this is what we call "Standalone" or maybe.. is Doraemon's item, the one they live inside, got lift to come down and up one. If not mistaken... got 5 rooms. XD

Wow~~ What's this? They use their back leg to push them and move quite fast to the front.
and their leg anti them to "sink" XD
Maybe my leg got this ability too, let's try.....

~~~ bubblessss~~~~ bulup...bulup~~~~~~

this is more close up or the thing from previous pic.
Can see? Their legs there~~ anti water, cool~~
We should try invent something like this, XD then walk on water.. keke.. like ninja??
*note, I'm using 18-135mm lens.. not macro, + my skill limit, this is the max sharpness(for current), :p

Ok~~ back to natural~~ XD
@@ any relate ? @@

"hi yaaa~~ hiyaa~~~ soldiers~~~"
"ee... I smell something... "

"Some"thing" lively found us !!!"
"It's too big!! danger~~~!!!! run for life!! "

"Soldiers~~~ Run if you wanna live longer~~~ "


jfook said...

Nice shots. Nanged.

J Generation said...

thanks jfook~ :D

Samantha Coronado said...

wow, really cool shots.

J Generation said...


thanks Samantha~~

Ann said...

i really like your photos! what lens and camera do you use? i am still practicing with mine

J Generation said...

hi Ann~~
Thanks for liking my pic~~ :p

I use Nikon D80, kit lens only. 18-135mm.

SaNn said...

Nice photos...

Huan said...

eh there got Jackfruit tree one oh... get one fresh jackfruit back to me next time you go.. .XD

J Generation said...

SaNn: Thanks bro~ :D

Yui Huan : That one might not be a real jackfruit, is.. spaceship.. wakakkakak