Monday, August 10, 2009

SPCA - 26 July 2009

SPCA - Society for the Preventing of Cruelty to Animal
Been to there under one of the project/assignment for moral studies..
but anyway, it's really a good day~ :D
To visit these doggies and cats... It's a full day~ heeh

"haaaa... haaaaa.... wassup ? take photo aa? come~~"

They all climb and lie on the wall, using the front leg.. PRO~~ xD
"oooo ?? hey guys~~ see, newcomers~~ let's see they got something for us or not... food~~~"

"Did you bring anything for me??? Bone ? Food ?? or sweets ??? lollipop also can~~~~ come on"

his eyes.... what it trying to say... hrm....

"Pull me out~~ ngau ngau~~~~ "

"You not gonna get me out of here ??? boring..... I want to play... "

"Are you gonna adopt me??? I'll be a good dog~~ just bring me to run on the field sometimes~~"

"Wassup?? I just wake up.... I want go brush my teeth first.... "

"yo dude~~come, give me five~~~~ "

Dolly : " oh my dear~~~ where have you been ?? Are you living good ?? I miss you.... "

"Haiz... Dolly babling about it's dear everyday... leave it alone"

"Arrrgghhh~~~ breakfast time~~~~~ "

"hrm.... boring..... people passing by...... and just passing through...."

"Close my eyes, forgot everything, and sleep.. "

"Nobody gonna find me right ?? I just want to stay alone..."

"You snap me?? You ain't no authority to do so~~ stop it right away~~ or esle I bite you.. "

"挣一只眼, 闭一只眼 I'm listening to a song by Jolin Tsai..... call "One eye open, one eye shut" :p " wakakakakak

Seriously love this pic.. vey nice~ keke It's a very small one... maybe less than 1 month old...

agree... so protect the animals too.. :D SPCA.

See~~ Jacky Chan was once here in SPCA too.. Wow~~~ Great !!!!

Our leader of Moral Studies assignment, Bin Yee~~

See Yin~~

JJ, me loooo~~ XD
*of course not shot by me.. xD
credit to see yin.

Cheng Lu~~

Mei Jin~~~

and Mei Zhi~~~
*from See Yin's cam.

Ok~~~ Let's call it a day... end with a group photo~~ CheersSS~~ :D
*this photo credit to See Yin's cam.


wei yoke said...

i love all of ur pics!! the dogs are so cute, so do the cats!! and ur shooting skills are real good! keep it up..and upload more cute pics ok..take care!

J Generation said...

thanks thanks~~~~