Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poem Building

*since quite some times didn't update blog, I just grab this from my assignment blog.

This is 1 of my subject - Creative studies's weekly assignment.
Is poem making,
and we're require to write poems , based on 2 words.
Not too bad, so post it up into my own blog.
So here we are~~

1. Love – Chili
Love is like chili,
The burning romance keeps the relationship.

Love is like chili,
You desire more but you can’t have it too much,
It’ll get you to crazy and mad.

2. Life - Car
Life is like a car at the night,
You can’t see far but you can reach far,
As long as the engine is on,
Your life goes on,
And you can reach your destination when pedal is press,
Just like you can reach your target when action is take.

3. Man/Woman – Rubbish
Woman is like rubbish bin,
They spend money like water,
Gucci, Chanel and Prada,
Even the bin can’t fit in,
Too much it’s like pollution,
For them it’s just illusion.

4. Pain – Ice-cream

Pain is like an ice-cream
Longer the time it takes,
Melting down like the tears that falls,
No pain no gain,
In the journey of pain,
You taste the cool sweet ice and cream.

5. Love/Life – Credit Card
Life is like a credit card,
Amount in it up and down,
Spend it like time no feeling,
If you use wrong regret late,
Control smart then you feel great.

6. Happiness – Time
Happiness is like the time,
Passing by fast with speed,
When you happy forgot everything,
Just a smile hanging around,
And journey of life keeps going.

7. Love/Pain – Cat/Chicks
The pain of love is like the cat and chicks,
Together happy but no ending,
You and I just like Mars and Venus,
Too far our range just can see,
Heart in love or heart in hurt,
In pain nor love you know most.

So here some extra,

Love - Shit

Love is like a shit,
When you're hot and new,
People fly and approaching you,
When you're old and dry,
People just leave you in the zone.


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