Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Journey to Kedah & Penang

So here start the journey, after finish genting trip, then back cyber awhile, at night went to Kedah.. So at 10th Jan, stay at Kedah.
Then to penang. Didn't snap much pics, cause went for serious thing to do~ xD

Queensbay, very looooong mall.

This is the view from where I stay.

Khai Wen said this one very popular de wor~~ so got what special ? @@

Queensbay Mall, very looooong mall.

beside here very nice, but no time go lepak around. haiz...

Central Zone.. Queensbay..

So this is outside Queensbay.

So just simply get myself a wireless mouse..
2.4GHz, wireless
wireless till 3 meters.
got 2 button at side for universal button, can use for anything, copy...paste... forward.. open IE...
then got another button on top, can change dpi between 500 to 1000.
some more is laser, not optical, so any surface also can smoothly going~ :D

The Art of Bucks Coffee~~

Eat at here.. what what Four Seasons Tea House..

This is the bridge... I wonder why the ocean got so many layers... many colours..
Sure dirty up by factory... @@ haiz....

anyway~~ finish trip. xD go back~~~~


Huan said...

Go Penang.... next time go Kelantan la CXD

J Generation said...

hehe~~ bluek~~~
see loo. xD