Monday, January 19, 2009

TABLET :: Second part hot hot coming

Togi :
Hehe, actually this one is among the first when I get my tablet, xD I think is less than 10 seconds done this "project" waakakkaka~

Very "professional" right ? :D
Name it : Togi

Eleworm :: xD really nothing to do till character building again ? ? wakakka
this one is combination of elephant and hrm... a worms or something @@
you know what ? usually I don't know what I'm drawing, until it is done. xD

This one comes with small and big size, big one big like elephant, small one small like worms, xD
Hostel or any place also can keep, very convenient. :p

Ironbirsaur :: This one is when I want to draw another thing ( which I done, down here ) , and can't made it, then the head makes me think of T-rex, so continue with body, then fail again, become bird body, xD so total combination, become Ironbirsaur.

Trust me, it can fly. Flying type dinasour. I'm not joking. but eat grass one, no harm to people. 100% safe to approach it.

Pokia H1 :: Brand new hot juicy product in the market now!!!
Special Specification :
:no camera
:no bluetooth
:no WIFI
:no GPS
:got keypad
:got speaker
:got screen * right beside keypad, 1.6 inch WIDE SCREEN 16:9 true colour

*very "user-friendly", cause it looks like hand, xD
maybe the hand can open, then the screen become bigger... hrm.... maybe Pokia H2 can have that, xD

IRON-MAN : ya, it's Iron-man. using 13V plug. Iron man~~ protect the world from bad guys~~ yaaa~~~~~~

What is art ?? xD


shenTWO said...

can see ur stlye~ draw more!

J Generation said...

xD will draw more~
hihi.. this thing must have the feeling comes first only can draw "well" de. hihi..

shenTWO said...

u r the second Lat lol