Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Port Dickson Trip

Port Dickson 09-11 OCT 09

Having a camp at port dickson~~ Of course shot some pic~~ wakakaka Below are photos snap by my Nikon D80 and HTC HD~ wakakakak can see which is it ?

Wakakaka~~ My Car~~ Nissan 350z~~ hohohoho~~~

Here's the place~ LE Paris International Hotel & Resorts
Costa Rica~

Some views around~~

Is it call Sillhoutte~~ Wakakakakak~

My name ~ JJ :D

Waaa~~ High hillss~~~ Don't fall down~~ XD

See~~ so high... Wakakakakak That's not my shoe nor my leg ok~~~ XD

JJ350Z ~~

Another view~~ wakakaka

Some pairss~~~ Of course~~ wakakaka Wanna get myself a NEW PAIR of shoe~~ wakaka

Ok ma? Sillhoutte~ Kinda like this pic~ :D

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