Friday, September 11, 2009

Foodhography 1

*word copyright, by ~jj350z.blogspot~ xD

Recently shot some food, tryin to learn how to shot food.. using my kit lens, 18mm- 135mm :p
not macro lens or any good lens, just normal .. hehe.. Support with my Nikon D80..
This is the result...
Will keep improving, so every pic will look more "delicious", nice and great :D

1.First is Burger King ~~

2.Coke from burger king loooo~~ XD

3. Fries ~~~

4. Noodle Station~~

5. Oldtown new product~~

6. Secret Resipi - pasta~

7. Secret Resipi Cake - Chocolate Indulgence

8. eee.. forgot.. should be Mocha ice blended

Ok , end this part of so call "Foodhography" section~ hahaha, if got more, will post again, haha~
any comment?? with everything, "deliciouslity" , nice, graphic, colour tone, photography skill, Foodhography skill~~ haha

*Which pic you like the most ?? why ?


Enigma2485x said...

Foodhography makes me gues a close up picture of foods makes a difference.

J Generation said...

haha~ thanks for your comment ~ :)

Maggy said...

I love this idea! I take pictures of my food quite often!

J Generation said...

thanks Maggy~ :)