Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyber Fusion 12 April 2009

Cyber Fusion is a World Genius Record Breaker, set at GrandHall, Multimedia University ( MMU, Cyberjaya ).

Hundreds of gamers gather together and play games for non-stop for 40 hours long, In which gamers are only allow to take break of 5 minutes each hour, if fail to do so, they're disqualified.

Sorry, late upload, :p
Here a few pic about it..

It's start from 10 till 12 of April.

Counter Strike ? Sudden Attack ?? Half Life ? xD

Here is just near the entrance, got some booth there.

Promoting the new online games.

Left 4 Dead....

Sudden Attack~~

This is the crowd and inside there, is the place where hundreds of gamers play non-stop.

So here's the big view around gamers.

40 Hours !!!!!!!!!!! It's the record !!! Break the previous record a couple of hours~~ horray~~
World Genius Record okaay~~ The cert of those participants really precious.

And the end, Zi Jun and Me.. :)

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