Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creative ? FCM - Video clip, shoting by us :)

This is the clip that we shot for our course - mpm,
Group name : Bambooproduction
Title : Creative ?

our members :
Stefan Tan Tong Wei
Wong Jia Jun : me
Tan Jaw Yuh
Goh Tzen Hoong
Leong Sweet Ying
Yab Cheng Lu
Lee Mei Jin

Character in the clip (Really thanks them for their time and effort in making our shoting a big success, thanks and appreciate):

Tan Hong Ka - main character :)
Tharan - Artist - drawing one
Xiao Ying - "star"
Yu Wei Ping - Raincoat man
Shafeek - first interviewer
Zeth, Ooi Edzul - second interviewer

Really thanks all of the character a lot a lot, for their times and willingness to help this out..

Do comment comment. :)
personally, satisfied, not bad la~~ :)


Shafeek bin Hamza said...

nice jj, but voice is low volume.
Nice style of editing(still need touch up) and good work,

Keep up good work .
Good luck to you and your group mates.

J Generation said...

yaya.. voice that part..
but anyway, it's good, as we're first time.

zZzJJaCk said...

Hi Shafeek, i am the editor, thanks for your comment, i believe we can do it better in the future, Thankyou :)

JJ, lol i baru wan upload but u upload d, but ur video quality seems not quite good, if u wan can take the video from here:

SaNn said...

good try...keep it on and on....

PandaMerah said...

go JJ go!!!!

Anonymous said...

excuse me,my name is Tan Hong Ka,no kenji and not 'i' in the last name. thanks. ==

J Generation said...

to jack-y
thanks, will grab it xD
this one I convert punya, xD low quality a bit. hihi

to panda~~ gogogo~~ xD

ken ji hong kai minus i minus kenji
this is the thing in your comment after our total hard time on shoting and planning... haiz.... @@

Anonymous said...

nice... hope to learn it myself in da future... nice experience!

zZzJJaCk said...

new version =.=

last1 convert wrong to ntsc d...
but just little diff only haha

J Generation said...

okay~~ :)

Lawrence Lee said...

can any1 tell me the song title in the video ??

Lawrence Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J Generation said...

all from an album of Estrella.
Malaysia Malay Singer.
One of the main song name call "Stay"

Lawrence Lee said...

the songs were really nice

J Generation said...

oo xD, after my assignment, I don't know where I throw the song already~~ hihi.. paiseh~~~
Not bad loo~~ skill pro, everything nice~ xD