Monday, April 27, 2009

5 April - F1 Sepang Circuit

So here am I at F1 + GP2 Sepang Circuit~~
One of the most expensive sport around the globe~~ hihihi
ticket also expensive @@
got rm500... got rm800...
far more expensive than go see concert or any.
but we get it for rm50 only~~ xD for the rm500 ticket
Thanks to QuestNet, that sponsor the QI-Meritus team, and we all grab the sponsor ticket, with free hats, hohohohoh~~~
okaayy~~~~ so here we are~~~

Sepang Circuit~~~~~ yeah~~~ it's in front of me now!!! hohoho

yeah~~~ see, our ticket~~~ We just grab many many tickets, whole team go support our racing team - QI-Meritus, and also watch the F1 race :D
parking also cost rm50 - rm100.. wowo~~ for such "grassy" parking.

Part of us.. While moving in, snap a pic in front of the main entrance.. :D

This is the ticket... a single paper like this real price = RM500.

a new ticket, with my ticket. hehe....

Before move into the race place, it's infront. One of the car put infront, it's petronas one.

and this is... petronas one ?? xD

Hehe, sure snap with her a pic loo.

So this is where we see the ranking for the all the racing participant~~

Whether is not good.. raining..

some of the racing car~~~ This one is GP2 wrruuummmm~~~~~
seriously noisy~~~ @@

This is the QI-Meritus, by QI, QuestNet. :D

And this is F1..

The crowd just so much all around.

crowd again..


Mr Pathman. A world class trainer~~ He's here!!! wow!!

snap a pic for myself with the event~ :D

The crowd.. Hey, all red t-shirt are our team~~~ support QI-Meritus~~ hohoho


SaNn said...

Nice shot....keep going....

J Generation said...

thanks~~ gogoogo