Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show Girl 1 :: PC Guru, i7 chip, 8 processor, extreme man!!!!! can play on 6 monitor high definition without lagging, by using 1 CPU only.. walao...
by the way, beautiful girl~~ xD

Show Girl :: K - one , 1....2....3... is it the singer?? xD

Show Girl 3 : K - One... 1...2....3 chi kak~~

Show Girl 4 :: Sony, VAIO... my friend's friend, so is my friend la, wakakaka~~

Show Girls 5 :: Toshiba... hoy~~ look at the camera~~~ nobody listening, T.T

Show Girls 6 :: Acer~~hrm......

Show Girls 7 : BenQ... their fylers is big one oo~~~ xD

Show Girl 8 : This one should be samsung.... hey, do some pose please, xD

Show Girls 9 :: Dell girls here~~ walk here walk there~~ can't find home..

Show Girls 10 :: see, another bunch of Dell Girls, walk here walk there, can't find their home, xD

Show Girl 11 : Haha!!! HTC!!!!!!! Later I gonna get my HTC Touch Pro~~ really a pro one~~ hohoo~~~ :D

Show Girl 12 :: Kingsto, her smiling is sweet, :p want see?? I got, but didn't upload, xD

Show Girls 13 :: This one is gaming one, if not mistaken, but forgot what game, Zhu.... what what...

Show Girl 14 :: Kingston again~~ another booth, she got many posing, just... too many "shadow" passing by... T.T

Show Girl 15 :: This one is....... ei ? got male model walking around de mer?? xD
my friend Nikki~~ at Streamyx booth~~ xD

And this is his....... dono, xD you guys imagine yourself, me no comment, and the back one is..........

MMU friends, xD all gather at PC Fair yoo~~~ xD 1...2....3. chi kak~~~


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